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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is a Virtual Assistant?
    Your virtual assistant is a dedicated professional who, although not physically near you, can be an incredible help to you in a variety of ways! This virtual assistant will work with you directly and get to know your schedule, preferences and needs very quickly. They will learn to anticipate your needs to allow you to focus on what you want to accomplish! Depending on the plan you choose, your virtual assistant will be available for you at any time you like day or night. If you only occupy a portion of their workday, they will be shared with other clients (but they will still be dedicated to your account). As you schedule their times and deadlines with them directly, you will always have the support you need.
  • What are examples of work my Virtual Assistant can do?
    Your Virtual Assistant is capable of a very wide variety of tasks! In addition to managing your inbox and calendar, they can also do research, add leads to your CRM and calendar. Based on your business type your Virtual Assistant will have experience helping you with customer service either online or on the phone. They are very capable in spreadsheet creating, updating and auditing., building and optimizing online product listings for Amazon and other portals and able to navigate customer interfacing to ensure your customer communication is timely and professional. Furthermore, your Virtual Assistant is a consummate professional and as such is capable of learning with you to assume management of virtually any task that you would like. This way you stay creative without sacrificing backend professionalism. All of this is done at a fraction of what it would cost you to hire an employee!
  • Do I get a dedicated Virtual Assistant?
    Yes! We will hand pick an assistant who we believe will work best for you! It will be the same person that you work with always so they learn your business needs and expectations. You will see in a short period of time that you can rely on your assistant and they will become more and more valuable to you!
  • Where will my Virtual Assistant be located?
    Since they are virtual, the advantage is that we can properly vet and train all of our agents and ensure that we pick candidates who are sharp, educated, professional, conscientious and service oriented. No matter where they are, it will be as if they were just down the road and will adapt to your schedule and expectations. We offer perfect professional English speakers as well as some which have multi language capabilities and diverse experiences with different CRM and ERP systems in addition to social media, web applications and comprehensive Microsoft office programs. Our agents are managed by our San Diego based management group who can always help if something needs to be escalated.
  • Can I get a different Virtual Assistant?
    No problem. We do try to find the perfect fit for you, but if you don’t feel it is, please contact customer service and we will promptly find you a better agent to meet your needs and expectations.
  • Can I cancel anytime I want?
    Of course. Our goal is your satisfaction and if you wish to stop our service, please contact us and we will stop billing going forward. Your only responsibility is the current month of billing, nothing more.
  • What if I go over my allotment hour for the month?
    If you exceed the hours of your plan for the month, it is not any problem. Any additional hours are charged at $15 per hour.
  • Is there any set-up fee?
    No, your monthly fee is the only fee we charge!
  • Do my hours roll over?
    As a monthly membership service, our agents are scheduled to be available to you when you need for the hours contracted. While each plan offers a different level of service, as a membership subscription, our plan hours do not rollover.
  • Will my Virtual Assistant be working on the weekends?
    Generally, our Virtual Assistants work standard business hours, Monday through Friday, during your set hours and preferred time zone. If your work/project requires different hours or schedules, including nights and weekends, that is perfectly fine and we'll coordinate with your VA to accommodate that schedule!
  • Will my Virtual Assistant be working on Holdays?
    Our team observes major U.S. holidays. We try to maximize the productivity of our agents during work hours, so major holidays are usually a good time to also give them the opportunity to rest and be with family and friends. Our agents are part of our family and therefore their health and happiness are a top priority! - New Year's Eve - New Year's Day - President's Day - Memorial Day - Independence Day - Labor Day - Day Before Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving - Day After Thanksgiving - Christmas Eve - Christmas Day When a holiday falls on a weekend, ClearDesk will follow the U.S federal day of observance.
  • Can my Virtual handle scheduling?
    Of Course! Your Virtual Assistant can coordinate phone calls, meetings, schedule appointments, and manage your calendar with accuracy and ease. We can support Google Calendar, Outlook, and others. All you need to do is share and grant your Virtual Assistant access to manage your calendar. It is that simple!
  • Can my Virtual Assistant make outbound phone calls for me?
    Yes! Your Virtual Assistant can contact vendors, make reservations, and place phone calls for you. We will ask only that you provide specifics so that we always get it done the way you want!
  • How about in-bound phone calls?
    Yes, we take them! Again, the only trick here is to establish parameters, provide FAQ and canned responses and we are happy to accept your calls and record them in your CRM or ERP system for your review.
  • Can my Virtual Assistant keep my inbox organized?
    Absolutely they can! Your Virtual Assistant can read, send, delete, organize, filter, and create rules for messages on your behalf. It’s a great way to stay on top of email and keep your inbox tidy.
  • Can my Virtual Assistant edit and format a presentation for me?
    They sure can. Your Virtual Assistant can use Google Presentations to format and edit personal or business presentations with your provided content, images and detailed instructions.
  • Can my Virtual Assistant work with my project management tools or other specalized software?
    All of our Virtual Assistants go through a very detailed and rigorous certification process so that they can best serve you from day one. We offer specific training for specialized software and our Virtual Assistants are more than happy to assist if you are able to provide instruction.

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