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4660 La Jolla Village Drive Suite 100 San Diego, CA 92122
(424) 208-2388

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Formidable, Reliable & Professional

"Trusted company that has your best interests in mind."

- Danielle M. | MM & Co.


Well Qualified & They Will do Everything!

"I know it's hard to believe wit the prices they're giving you at but it's true!"

- Ernesto T. | Reliable Mortgage Pros


Great Team Member

"During a rough time with staffing, the ClearDesk was able to provide me with a virtual assistant that was ready to hop in and accept the challenge of becoming a member of our team."

- Brittney D. | Therapeutic Endeavors



"I love that I can customize my relationship with my virtual assistant. They can be as flexible or structured as we need and we decide that together."

- Lienna S. | Skol Marketing


Flexible & a Self-Starter

"I love that my virtual assistant is a self-starter and takes care of things before I even knew they were on my plate!."

- Mark L. | Skol Marketing


Can't Recommend Highly Enough

"Working with a virtual assistant has been a real value add for me, as the busy CEO of a fast growing start-up."

- Leland W. | FreckleFoot Creative


Performance, Dependability, Experience & Professionalism

"ClearDesk is the best decision I have made in a very long time."

- Lisa D. | Medicare Coverage Pro


Organized & Efficient

"ClearDesk has been a super easy solution for hiring a few VAs for our customer service team. Would highly recommend them!"

- Jen B. | Sweet Guest


Creative & Resourceful

"Whether you need 1 person or 20 people, outsourcing is the best way to do it and we love ClearDesk!"

- Karel L. | Sweet Guest


Keep Things Running Smoothly 

"It's so relieving knowing I can take days off work knowing my virtual assistant will keep things running smoothly while I'm gone."

- Crystal H. | Crystal Care Kids


Makes Things Easy

"The ClearDesk System makes things easy and my assistant was really "plug and play" just like you promise!"

- Faith A. | FreckleFoot Creative


Immediately Impactful

"ClearDesk did a fantastic job matching us with a virtual assistant who had the technical expertise, platform, experience and self-starter attitude to hit the ground running!"

- David W. | Meticulosity




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